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July’s New Member

Please join me in welcoming Hannah who blogs at The Slowing. She writes reflective, heartfelt posts about relationships, food, and life. Her encouraging and authentic voice covers the idea of hanging on or letting go. Head over to her blog to get to know her and welcome her to our friendly group!


May’s New Member

We are thrilled to welcome Abby from the blog The Happy Food Dance to our group. She lives in Seattle and recently went on a cookie-tasting date with her husband. She’s a self-declared introvert who enjoys reading, cooking, and smelling fresh herbs. Her all-about olive oil post includes a homework section. Please head over to her blog to say hello.

April’s New Members

We are joined by Stephanie from Toronto and the blog Kitchen Frolic. She started blogging when she and her husband, Paul, began seriously learning to cook. Her pesto cheeseburgers sound like a good recipe to try!

I must apologize to Amanda, who joined us a few months ago; I failed to introduce her in a post! Oops. She has already contributed some insightful reviews and has chosen our May book for us: A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage. Amanda blogs at the Omar Niode Foundation and she lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Foundation focuses on social and educational initiatives, particularly relating to food and agriculture. The blog is full of good food ideas.

Please visit the blogs of our new members and welcome them to the group!

May’s New Members

It is our pleasure to add two new members to the group in May.

First, please meet Melissa from Adventures in Culinary. Melissa has recently moved to Brazil and her fledgling blog tells about her eating, traveling, and living adventures. Please head over to her blog to say hello.

Secondly, we want to greet Emily from Highly Social Media. Emily lives in Philadephia, USA, and teaches journalism and writing. Her blog centers on food and her business working with food-related companies. Please drop by her blog to welcome her.

November’s New Members

Please welcome Sarah from the blog Daisy at Home to our friendly bloggers’ group. She is a former picky eater, now an adventurous cook, baker, and food blogger. She is recent graduate of culinary school and lives in California. Please pop over to her blog to say hello.

We are also keen to say welcome to Julie from Domestic Executive. She is a Brit who has been transplanted to New Zealand with her husband. She keeps a rooster, some hens, and tends a large kitchen garden. Please greet her.

Sarah’s and Julie’s blogs have been added to the Kitchen Reader RSS feed bundle. You can keep up-to-date with all the KR members using this one handy bundle! Try it out.