April’s New Members

We are happy to be adding two new members to our group this month, Katie and Rinku.

Katie works for  Sage Wellness, a Los Angeles company that runs corporate wellness programs. She is a holistic health counsellor and also volunteers with several local groups. On the company’s blog she publishes healthy recipes and is now adding book reviews.

Rinku writes the blog Cooking in Westchester. She was born in India and now lives in Westchester County, New York. She has two children who enjoy the food she makes from her home-grown produce.


2 thoughts on “April’s New Members

  1. Katie

    Thank you! I am excited to be a part of this group! I am a little behind on my April post, but I plan to write my review with a modern, working mom’s meal plan. I loved reading about Sunset Magazine’s recommendation for the housewife’s boxed lunches for her husband… can you imagine?! Though I would have loved one of those myself.

    1. thekitchenreader Post author

      Hi Katie, that sounds great! I look forward to seeing it. Please can you just email me when you post and I’ll add a link to this round-up post. Thanks.


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