September’s New Members

We have a bumper crop of new members this month! Allow me to introduce them briefly. Then you can hop around to say hi to them and welcome them to the group. I’m thrilled that our blogroll has reached 30 members!

Liz is a blogger at singing my song, and she also moderates a community blog called Snake Soup, which is recipe focused. Her personal blog centres on food, health, reading, and her spiritual life. She lives in London, UK.

The blogger at sudden lunch! is Suzy. She describes herself as a “food blogger, freelance writer, and knackered chef”. She’s been a chef for more than three decades and in many places around the world. Now she’s blogging and attempting not to waste food in the process.

Peru Delights is a mother-daughter team blog by Morena and Morena. Mama Morena lives in Virgina, USA, and daughter Morena in Peru. Their Peruvian food is beautiful in their photos and has a healthy spin on it.

Caitlin, who writes the blog Feed Between the Lines, is a registered dietician. She creates healthy, easy recipes and shares information about the nutritional values of the foods we eat.

My Year of Food is a blog written by Stephanie. She likes to garden, and recently put away summer tomatoes and zucchini for later in the year. She lives in Wisconsin, USA, and is studying for a health counsellor certification.

Fran writes The Flavorful Fork, a food blog that complements her personal chef business. She posts tips for healthy eating and has decided to make a concerted effort to read more books this year.

Sonja, who lives in Sydney, Australia, writes the blog foodnutzz. She draws on her Eastern European heritage and her kitchen experiments to post tasty ideas and recipes.

Lucy is a nutritional therapist who shares knowledge and tips on her personal blog What’s for Dinner?. She publishes recipe ideas and has plenty of great ideas for a filling and healthy evening meal.

Holly is brand new to blogging, but her inaugural posts at Glazed Bakery signal many great things to come. She is a Women’s Institute member in Exeter, UK, and despite being the youngest member of the group, proudly won a cake baking competition on behalf of the group.

Six Kilos of Pumpkin is Emily‘s blog. She serves up a mixture of sweet and savoury recipes and is a university student. She actually did cook her way through 6 kg of pumpkin, and in doing so, started a food blog.

Carolyn writes the blog FoodNURD, on which she shares recipes and restaurant reviews. She taught herself to cook to impress her future husband, and has been on a food-loving journey ever since. She is from Toronto, Canada.

Meanwhile, I’ve been quietly contacting members who haven’t posted reviews in six months. I hope that as the months roll on you will find lots of enjoyable books to read and write about. But I understand that life is hectic, especially as a blogger. If you let me know, you can take a break from participating for a while. You can leave the group and sign up again when you’re ready.

New members are welcomed on the tenth of each month. Would you like to join? Please email Sarah at to learn more.


3 thoughts on “September’s New Members

  1. Morena

    Sarah, thanks for the welcome. It´s really exciting to be part of the readers group, and we are reading already. In a few weeks you´ll receive our first review.


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