July’s New Members

We want to welcome Kim, Ali, Kim, and Jules to our group!

Kim is from the blog Rustic Garden Bistro, which is written with her partner Barry. They live in southern California and their goal is to run a little community bistro. Their fresh, inventive food is often made with items from their beautiful garden and they have just started keeping chickens. Stop by Kim’s blog to get to know her more.

Ali is the blogger behind Jam Hands. She and her spouse and two kids live in Kansas. Her blog is upbeat, friendly, and community oriented–she’s recently started a Jam Hands community forum. She has a massive back catalogue of family friendly recipes, which you can browse when you pop over to welcome her.

Kim writes the food and craft blog My Cup of Creativi-Tea. She also edits the virtual book club From Left to Write. She is a mother to two small children and is always creating something, from headbands to ice cream. Please head over to her blog to say hello.

Jules is the mastermind behind stonesoup, a minimalist cooking blog. She’s also a food scientist, photographer and runs the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School. She has made a commitment to make only recipes with five or few ingredients–for the rest of her life. Please visit to her blog to get to know her and say hello.

Kim, Ali, Kim, and Jules have already been added to our blog roll and the RSS feed bundle of members’ blogs. If you subscribe to the feed bundle you would have seen their posts were added earlier this month.

New Kitchen Reader members are welcomed on the tenth of each month. Would you like to join us? Email Sarah at kitchenreader.blog@gmail.com


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