Welcome to Our New Members

We are lucky to welcome two more bloggers to our reading group: Libbi and Anne-Marie. Libbi writes the blog Domestic Wandering. Her blog covers crafty stuff like sewing and knitting, and her kitchen adventures. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she has just moved into a new home (with a gas stove) and gained a cute new puppy. Please take a moment to visit her and make her feel at home in our group.

We’re also very pleased to say hello to Anne-Marie, who blogs at This Mama Cooks. She has worked in advertising and founded a charter school, but her loves are writing and helping others. She writes and consults extensively–you can read all about it over on her blog. She focuses on healthy recipes and lifestyle. Please head over to say hello to her.

I am grateful to all of you for your continued participation in the Kitchen Reader. I think more bloggers have been hearing about us (thanks to all of you!) and the result is our growing numbers. (It seems best to post about new members at a set time once a month from now on!)


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