A New Member and New Posting Guidelines

Hello Readers! It’s with pleasure that I introduce Julie from Savvy Eats as our newest member. Her well-organised blog focuses on food and fitness. She recently attended Camp Blogaway and gave awards to the sessions she liked the most. Please pop over to her blog, learn, and enjoy!

A fair number of us Kitchen Readers also participate in other blog events. At the end of the month, when we post, the blogging schedule can seem quite crowded, especially if you participate in weekly and monthly events. It seems sensible to me that we change our posting rules slightly to make the end of the month easier. And since the topic of our posts is not a secret, I don’t think it’s a problem if we post on different days. Therefore, please post your book reviews in the last week of the month. I will compile a list of the reviews and post them here a few days later in a round-up on the first of the following month. (Or you can use the RSS feed bundle in the sidebar to keep up with the other member’s posts!)

Thanks so much to all of you who participate! It’s our thoughtful discussions and lively commenting that help make this such a great group to be in. I look forward to reading your reviews of Salt by Mark Kurlansky any day after 24 May. I hope you will come back to check out (and visit) the reviews of the group, which will be posted here on 1 June.


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